There are a number of resources available to guide you in the functional use of the Aurion Human Resources system. The initial training that you receive in Aurion provides a base that will need to be built upon through use and experience of the system in the wide variety of situations that will arise in your role at UQ.

All users of Aurion will need to undergo training in the system prior to receiving access. The Aurion Access form needs to be filled out and signed by your supervisor and sent to ITS for processing.


The resources available to you once you are up and using Aurion include:

Other Aurion users
Your HR colleagues are a great source of information so make sure to utilise their skills and experience either personally, via email, at group meetings or at HR forums.
Aurion-related user guides and procedure manuals
There is a large range of material that has been developed and distributed that will answer most questions. All of this material can be found ........
General HR-related procedures
Documentation related more widely to HR procedures can be found ........
QA Officer and Business Analysts
In the rare circumstances that the sources above do not answer your questions you can contact the QA Officer or Business Analysis team in HR.

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