The Recruitment and Selection Policy and the accompanying The University of Queensland Recruitment and Selection Manual are aimed at providing an equitable, systematic and consistent approach to recruitment and selection in order to attract, select, and retain the most capable staff through open competition on merit. Specific exemptions to the processes are provided in the following areas:

  • Fixed-term employment may be used for research professional staff engaged on research only functions for a contract period generally not exceeding five years.
  • Staff identified for a position in the research funding application are able to be recruited without advertising.
  • The Chief Investigator, without advertising, may fill positions where the appointment is for one year or less. The Chief Investigator must advise the Approval Authority if there is a possibility that the appointment could extend beyond one year. The Approval Authority will determine if the position should be advertised.
  • Any change to an appointment is based on the recommendation of the Chief Investigator. Where a change in appointment involves a change in classification level the Chief Investigator must demonstrate the basis for the reclassification to the satisfaction of the Approval Authority (Classification Guidelines). 

The relevant authority (see PPL 5.30.02 Approval of Staff Appointments - Policy) must approve a recommendation for appointment before an offer of appointment can be made.

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