With an ageing workforce at UQ, increasing numbers of staff are likely to be considering retirement in the coming years. As a means of ensuring regular communication with your staff in relation to changing work patterns and impending retirement, you must undertake annual performance appraisal with all staff who report to you.

If you are approached by a UQ staff member regarding retirement, please treat the matter sensitively and confidentially. The discussion should remain confidential unless the staff member chooses to take the matter further. The staff member may wish to discuss flexible work arrangements, such as reduced hours or greater flexibility in working hours prior to an identified retirement date. There are numerous options available in relation to flexible working arrangements , which may be incorporated into a pre-retirement contract.

Should a staff member express an interest in a pre-retirement contract, you should work with the staff member to clarify and agree upon the proposed arrangements. Approvals for such proposals are to be considered in terms of the University’s operational needs and possible financial benefits to the University. As the manager, you must consider the effect on the organisational unit and staffing plans, contribution to teaching, research, discipline and profession (if applicable), contribution to the University and organisational unit, and the contribution to the aims and objectives of the University.

The proposal should be submitted to the Head of the organisational unit (in line with PPL 5.30.02 Approval of Staff Appointments) and you should indicate whether or not you support the proposal.