Welcome to the Human Resources Staff Induction page.  In order to assist new HR staff to understand some high level information about the University, this page has been designed to pull together some information from various sources.  It is recommended that you read through this page in your first few days within HR, and speak with your local HR Consultant or Manager for local information.  This page is intended to supplement rather than replace your local induction process.
Every few months an induction session is planned for new HR staff, to meet colleagues and hear overviews from other areas such as Business Analysis, Payroll, Organisational Development, Employee Relations, and Superannuation.  Please ensure you are signed up for the next available session.

Brief Overview of UQ

Founded in 1909 with classes beginning in 1911, the University is now comprised of 6 Faculties and 8 Institutes, although this number is always growing. Our main campuses are at St Lucia, Herston, Ipswich and Gatton, however operations and research are conducted at 47 different sites throughout Queensland.  UQ is ranked among the top 2 universities in the country, and the top 1 percent in the world.
As at October 2011 UQ had over 45,000 students, and employed almost 7,500 FTE staff.
A 22 member Senate, led by the Chancellor (Mr John Story), and Deputy Chancellor (Adjunct Professor Mary D Mahoney), governs UQ and represents the University's and the community's interests.   More information about the Senate can be found here.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Høj, is the University’s CEO, and is supported by 10 Executives who are responsible for the Organisational Units reporting into them. An Academic Board, who’s President and Deputy President are elected on an annual basis, formulates academic policy on teaching and learning matters. 
To see how the faculties, institutes and central areas fit together, please have a look at UQ's Organisation Chart.
For information on the Organisational Units, the Senate, Executives, Academic Board and other Governance related information, please see the link here.

Human Resources at UQ

The HR Division is led by our Director, Ms Jane Banney.  The division is further broken into teams in the following areas:

  • HR Client Services and Remuneration - Associate Director - Dr. Kerry Huish
  • HR Systems and Analysis - Associate Director - Ms Erica Brereton
  • Organisation Development  - Associate Director - Mr Stephen Hart
  • Workplace Relations and Organisational Change - Associate Director, Mr Anthony Lennon

More information can be found on our website.

HR at UQ is a devolved structure, often referred to as a 'hub and spoke' model.  The Associate Directors above and their teams are located in central administration in the JD Story Building, while the HR specialist teams of HR Managers / Consultants / Advisors and Officers are located in the faculties and institutes.  These areas work collaboratively to provide the best customer service broadly and locally.  The HR teams within the faculties and institutes, while reporting to their local supervisor, also have a dotted line relationship with the Associate Director of HR Client Services and Remuneration.

Contact details for the Human Resources Client Services Teams can be found here.  



As an employee of the Human Resources function at UQ you will be privy to confidential information. It is a requirement of your role that you maintain confidentiality and do not discuss private matters with other staff or individuals outside of the University.


Enterprise Bargaining

Employment at the University is regulated under The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013, which is available online here: http://www.uq.edu.au/shared/resources/personnel/Staff-Agreement/Staff-Agreement-2010-2013.pdf 
As this is a single-enterprise agreement, you will need to become familiar with the agreement, and will refer to it regularly.  Bargaining has commenced for the next agreement to begin in 2014.

Policies and Procedures

The University Policy and Procedures Library (PPL) is the new source of all policies since their transfer from the Handbook of University Policies and Procedures (HUPP).  It can be found here: http://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/ .  Over time you should become familiar with the policies in Section 5 - Human Resources.    All paperwork received for processing, and the great majority of email and phone queries received will be subject to the policies and procedures found within the PPL.  Please speak with your local HR Manager about training in policies and procedures.

Academic and Professional Staff

Academic and Professional Staff have different roles within the University, and as such each there are differences to how some policies and procedures apply to each group.
'Academic staff' refers to those employed within the areas of Teaching and Research, Teaching Focused, Research Only or Clinical Academic.  All staff other than Professional staff or Language Teachers in ICTE-UQ are Academic Staff.
'Professional staff' refers to all staff other than Academic Staff or Language Teachers in ICTE-UQ.  
Please ensure you are using the correct forms, policies and procedures as they apply to each group.
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