Who can have this access?

The TimeKeeper Approver access and Reports (HR Portal) is for employees in HR and Finance positions. The attendance of a training course is not a prerequisite for gaining this level of access.

Positions with multiple occupants cannot be a Timekeeper approver without first moving the employee onto their own position number.

What will this type of access give me?

TimeKeeper Approver access will give you view access to HR information for all employees within your organisation unit. If you have previous access to Aurion at a higher level, you will maintain you current menu and receive the additional access to the TimeKeeper menu and reports.

This access includes;

· Placements
· Service History
· Superannuation

In addition to view access, you will also receive update access to TimeKeeper. This will allow you to;

· Approve timesheets
· Process timesheets

You will also be given access to run Aurion Staff General Reports. These include;

· Organisation and position reports
· Leave reports
· Placement and staff reports

The TimeKeeper Reports (HR Portal) will give you access to run the following reports;

· Maximum Hours Alert and report
· Pending MyAurion Claims
· Current Approval Entries
· Current and Previous Pay Transactions
· Placement (including placement costing)

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