Who can have this access?

The Financial Planning & Analysis level of access to Aurion is for employees within the Finance & Business Services Management branch.

What will this type of access give me?

Financial Planning & Analysis access will give you the ability to view HR information for employees within the whole of the University. This access includes;

· Placement details
· Leave balances and occurrences
· Internal Phone List
· Org Unit Availability chart

Also included in this level of access are the Human Resource Budgeting and HRB Batch Menus. This will allow you to access the following tasks;

· Additional Costs for Employees and Positions
· Staff plan and budget maintenance
· Fund Source Status and Fund Source List
· Chart Switching Rule List and Cost Hierarchy List
· Journal Transaction Enquiry
· Resource Budget Report List and Budget Planning Group List
· Key Leave Takings List and Offset Posting Rule List
· View and Generate Budget Staffing Plans
· Budget Staffing Plan Report and Budget Detail Reporting
· Output Budgeting Configuration
· Budget Modelling Processes
· Model Variance/Expenditure
· Post Aurion Payroll
· Bulk Remove Batch
· Advance Resource Budgeting Prd
· Resource Budget Control Record
· Resource Budgeting Import

You will also be given access to run Aurion Staff General Reports. These include;

· Organisation and position reports
· Leave reports
· Placement and staff reports

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