Who can have this access?

Staff who coordinate courses in the 'University Staff Development Program’ require this level of access.

Who can approve this level of access?

The access must be approved by the:

  • Associate Director, Organisational Development

What will I be able to do with this level of access?

The Course Coordinator access allows you to use the Training Reports database, available from Citrix.

The Training Reports database is used by Course Coordinators to manage the Staff Development courses they manage. The main functions used by Course Coordinators in Training Reports are to:

  • View who is enrolled for a Staff Development course session
  • Generate the Course Participant Check List
  • View the Wait list for a Staff Development course session

A list of actions is available from the Training Reports Factsheet.

The complete list of functions available from Training Reports include:

  • Course and Participant information 
  • Evaluation reports 
  • Participant Record 
  • Annual Planning Menu 
  • Course Information and Statistics by All Presenters 
  • Statistics by Selected Presenter (All Coursers) 
  • Select Course Completions by Faculty 
  • Current Staff Training Record for a Course (Including Series) 
  • Cancelled Courses 
  • Course DNA Report 
  • Course with Enrolees with Status Waitlisted

What will I not be able to do with this level of access?

The Course Coordinator access does not give you access to Aurion.

If you require the ability to view staff information in Aurion, select the Standard Enquiry access in Section C.

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