General Information about Enterprise Bargaining

Enterprise Bargaining is the process of an employer bargaining with its employees to determine conditions of employment. The University of Queensland has traditionally undertaken the process of collective bargaining with employees and unions to negotiate conditions of employment.

The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014 – 2017 is currently in operation and will continue to operate until it has been terminated or replaced by a new Enterprise Agreement.

Why participate in Enterprise Bargaining?

Industry awards provide the minimum conditions of employment for most University staff. Conditions outlined in Enterprise Agreements provail over the safety-net of Award conditions. Through Enterprise Bargaining, the University and staff are able to discuss and negotiate conditions relevent and important to the sector and to our staff.

How is an Agreement made?

The bargaining agents, which include representatives of staff members, meet to negotiate a draft agreement. Once the Agreement content has been agreed in principle between the bargaining agents, the Agreement will then be put to staff members for their approval. If a valid majority of staff members vote in favour of the Agreement, the Agreement will then be sent to Fair Work Australia for approval.

How will progress on Enterprise Bargaining be communicated to staff?

Progress on Enterprise Bargaining will be communicated to staff members by the University through this website, the UQ Update and staff bulletins. The University may also hold staff briefing sessions and send emails to all staff. Copies of any communications to staff will be available on this website.

Further Information

Further information about Enterprise Bargaining can be obtained from Fair Work Australia (