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Change is a healthy part of a University's growth and it enables us to meet the emerging needs of our students, employees and community. The University of Queensland is committed to creating a culture that encapsulates our values and that is responsive to constructive organisational change. 

This e-Resource will provide you with an overview of best practice change management methodologies. It will assist you in developing tailored change strategies that can improve your work area and its operations. The Guide incorporates not only the operational requirements of the University but also considers the impact of change on our people and how to engage them in the change process. To assist you in implementing change, representatives from  your HR team, the Employee Relations Unit and the Organisational Development Unit are available to assist you in scoping your change project and where necessary work on its implementation with you. This will ensure a more coordinated, supportive and collaborative approach to change.

It is important to note that under our Enterprise Agreement we have specific obligations regarding change, particularly where there are contentious issues that may result in disputation or where change may lead to job loss. It is important to engage early with the Employee Relations Unit to ensure they can assist you to comply with our Agreement.

The guide is constantly being improved and enhanced and your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.


Leading Organisational Change Framework

Resources that relate to the organisational change framework including an overview of the guide and our Enterprise Agreement obligations around change


Leading Successful Organisational Change

Resources that support you to develop yourself as a leader of change


  • Leading change
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Organisational change team structure
  • Potential issues with Organisational Change

Process for change

An overview of the change management process incorporating John Kotter's 8 Stage process for leading change

Supporting People

Where to get advice and support when dealing with the people aspects of change


Assistance and Resources

Resources, tools, training and checklists to assist you with your change initiative

UQ Leadership LogoThe Guide to Leading Organisational Change is a resource to support the UQ Leadership Framework. For more information please visit the UQ Leadership website.