Dear Colleagues,

I would like to provide you with an update on the current negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement for staff.

Enterprise bargaining at UQ commenced about a year ago.  Whilst bargaining within the sector usually takes some time to conclude, I do not believe that staff should be disadvantaged by lengthy processes and I am conscious that you will be seeking some certainty about future pay increases.

To date, agreement in principle (that is, agreement subject to overall finalisation of negotiations) has been reached on a number of provisions. These provisions may be viewed at

A number of matters of importance to the University and to the unions remain under discussion. For the University, these include the following:

  • Leave arrangements:

Recreation and long service leave: whilst the commitment of our staff is undeniable, there is a large number of staff who have excess recreation and long service leave accruals and we want to explore how staff and supervisors can better plan the taking of regular leave breaks.

Long service leave: we are seeking to reduce the minimum period of time a staff member may take from the current period of two weeks as well as provide staff with the option to cash out some of their long service leave entitlement on the condition that the equivalent amount of leave is also taken.

Parental leave: the University is considering providing access to paid parental leave for staff who are primary carers but whose partners work elsewhere.

Academic staff sick leave: removal of an arrangement at UQ for academic staff which provides 35 days per annum non-cumulative sick leave in addition to the 10 days per annum cumulative sick leave entitlement.

  • TESOL Language Teachers: increasing the annual contact hours of Language Teachers along with the introduction of a range of offsets for this increase to enable our Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) to maintain its competitiveness through enhanced productivity whilst acknowledging the quality of the service currently provided by our Language Teachers.
  • Change: reviewing our change management provisions to favour early and continuing consultation throughout a change process with those staff directly affected rather than the current arrangements which focus on consultation through a Standing Committee prior to implementation of change.

Under our current Agreement, staff last received a salary increase of 2.5% in January this year.  In the event that we are unable to conclude bargaining soon, I will in coming weeks announce payment of a salary increase to be effective from January 2014.

A reminder that regular updates will continue to be available at Enterprise Bargaining Webpage and questions and comments may be sent to




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