Dear Colleagues

As you know, the University has been in negotiations with Union representatives for a new Enterprise Agreement for staff.
In my earlier email to you on these negotiations, (, I advised that, in the event that we were unable to conclude bargaining soon, I would announce payment of a salary increase so that staff would not be disadvantaged by the time taken to conclude a new Agreement.
Negotiations are continuing and progress is being made.  However, an Agreement will not be finalised this year.
As such, I would like to advise that a salary increase of 2.5% will be paid to staff from 1 January 2014. This increase follows the 2.5% salary increase paid in January this year.  
It is important to note that this salary increase is being made within the current context of the bargaining process with negotiations continuing on a number of issues of importance to both the University and the unions.  The increase of 2.5% will form part of an overall package of salary increases and conditions for staff to be determined by the outcome of the negotiating process.  
The University is focused on achieving a settlement which is fair and attractive to staff, which is affordable and which positions the University well for future challenges.  The changes sought by the University are I believe reasonable and measured and we remain committed to resolving outstanding matters as soon as possible.
Professor Peter Høj  
Vice-Chancellor and President
The University of Queensland
Brisbane  Qld  4072