The University of Queensland is once again pleased to support R U OK? Day; a day dedicated to reminding us that connecting regularly and meaningfully with people around us can make a difference. R U OK Day is a reminder that by reaching out to others we can make a difference.


This year R U OK? Day is on Thursday 14 September, and areas across the university are encouraged to hold activities that bring staff together. Last year morning teas and sausage sizzle breakfasts and lunches were held across campuses to promote and recognise the day. If you are planning an event, why not make use of the many free downloadable resources on the R U OK offical website. There also resouces that focus on R U OK at Work.


You can help promote your event by purchasing merchandise from the R U OK? website.


Don't know how to start a conversation?

 Join our psychology students for “R U OK” day conversation training on the following dates:

04/9/17 @ 10am- Book Here         12/9/17 @ 1pm- Book Here    

 (Room 209, General Purpose North (39a))                 (Room W431, Forgan Smith Building (1))

05/9/17 @ 1pm- Book Here           13/9/17 @ 10am- Book Here    

 (Room D114, Duhig Building (2))                                 (Room W431, Forgan Smith Building (1))

06/9/17 @ 1pm- Book Here           14/9/17 @ 1pm- Book Here

 (Room W332, Forgan Smith Building (1))                    (Room W332, Forgan Smith Building (1))

11/9/17 @ 10am- Book Here 

 (Room 302, Parnell Building (7)) 

For more information review the 2016 presentation.  

For further information about the training, contact Jordan Reutas.  

Want to know more?

Suicide awareness support:

There are a number of excellent videos that remind us about the importance of reaching out and starting a conversation:

I jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge

Movember Australia: Suicide Notes


Beyond Blue have designed an app, BeyondNow which can help you develop a safety plan and stay connected with family and friends. It involves creating a structured plan that you can work through when you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress and crisis.


UQ's EAP provider has a number of articles and videos that might interest you should you wish to know more about suicide awareness. You will need to be reigstered for the eapdirect portal. Watch a video about suicide; or read an article on suicide; and an article about depression.


Asking “are you ok?” shouldn’t be limited to just one day; help build a safe and healthy workplace culture where people feel confident asking – and answering – this question. 


Need help?

UQ Students have access to free confidential counselling through the Counselling Services at Student Services.

Call 3365 1704 to make an appointment.


UQ staff and their family members can also access free confidential counselling with UQ's EAP provider.

Call the EAP on 1300 360 364  to make an appointment.

You can promote your event on this website by emailing Felicity Couperthwaite. We’d also love to see photos which we can include on this site to help people be creative for future events.