This Mental Health toolkit is a collection of practical resources. The purpose of the toolkit is to help you access reliable mental health related resources over the internet. Some of the resources are only available to staff at the University, but many of the links are freely available to anyone.

What is in the toolkit?

  • Training opportunities
  • Links to counselling and psychological services
  • e-Mental Health resources
  • Supports for Mental Health in the Workplace

The tools provided in the pages that follow are by no means exhaustive. If you find a resource that you believe would be useful to share, or if have difficulty accessing any of the links, please contact Felicity Couperthwaite.

Mental Health Toolkit section

Training Opportunities for Staff

Links to training opportunities at the University of Queensland

Links to counselling and psychological services

These links may help you understand the various psychological services and how to access them.

e-Mental Health resources

Finding reliable information about Mental Health on the internet can be daunting and confusing. This page aims to link you with reliable sites within the Mental Health space.

Supports for Mental Health in the Workplace

It is important that we support our work colleagues who have a mental illness, or who may be experiencing emotional distress. This link will help you in providing this support within the work context.