Dear colleagues

As you may be aware, the current University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement covering eligible academic, professional and TESOL language teaching staff will expire on 31 March 2017. The terms of the Agreement continue until replaced and the University will soon commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) requires all employers who are engaging in enterprise bargaining with their staff to inform them of their right to appoint a bargaining representative during the course of enterprise bargaining. The Notice of Employee Representational Rights for staff of The University of Queensland is attached to this email.  A hard copy of the Notice will also be available from your Faculty or Institute Human Resources team.

You can appoint a bargaining representative by notifying the person in writing that you appoint that person as your bargaining representative. You can also appoint yourself as a bargaining representative. In either case you must give a copy of the appointment to the University. For further information please see the attached notice.

If you supervise staff who do not have daily access to a computer please print a copy of the attached notice and provide it to them this week. When providing the notice, please ensure it is not stapled to any other correspondence. 

Further information on enterprise bargaining will be provided to you over coming weeks and regular updates will be provided throughout the bargaining process.

If you have any questions about or interest in being a bargaining representative please contact Ann-Maree Waugh, Senior HR Employee Relations Consultant (



Professor Alan Rix                             Ms Jane Banney
Pro-Vice Chancellor                             Director, Human Resources