(a) Continuing and fixed-term staff are entitled to 72.5 hours (10 days) paid leave in any 12 consecutive months of employment. Part time staff are entitled to pro rata the full time rate.

(b) Casual staff are entitled to unpaid personal leave.

(c) Personal leave accrues pro-rata from date of commencing duty.

(d) Accumulated leave is not paid out on cessation of employment.

(e) Carer’s Leave is available for dependent children, immediate or extended family and significant others.

(f) A medical certificate or statutory declaration is needed for more than three consecutive days of any combination of Personal and or Carer’s Leave (including Additional Carer’s Leave).

(g) A staff member whose partner is confirmed as pregnant will be entitled to use any accrued carer’s leave entitlement to attend appointment(s) directly related to their partner’s pregnancy. At the discretion of the supervisor, the staff member may be required to provide medical certificate(s) or a statutory declaration confirming pregnancy and their attendance at the appointment(s).