Since the last update, we’ve been continuing to work through the detail of our Agreement in a methodical way.

You can view the draft clauses tabled by the University to date.  These draft clauses remain subject to ongoing negotiations and may change as the University receives feedback and considers alternative proposals and/or claims made by bargaining representatives.  

Consultation on Major Change

Our current Agreement requires us to undertake quite complex and involved processes. The University is proposing to make organisational change simpler and easier for staff to navigate.

In particular, we are aiming to improve the way in which we handle proposals for major change so that staff are provided with all the information they need in an initial single Proposal document, rather than receiving multiple communications over an extended period of time.

Our experience at UQ is that change is more likely to be successful when staff feedback is genuinely considered and used to shape final outcomes. It is hoped that the new process will provide staff with clear opportunities to provide input into change processes to facilitate better outcomes for staff as well as the University.

The University’s proposal is also aimed at allowing change to be managed in a way that does not expose staff to protracted periods of uncertainty, as sometimes occurs under the processes required under the current Agreement.


Redundancy Entitlements: Academic Staff

The University is proposing to clarify the entitlements of academic staff in circumstances of redundancy.

It is proposed that in circumstances of redundancy, academic staff will receive a payment of 26 weeks’ salary plus two weeks’ salary for each year of continuous service, capped at a maximum of 64 weeks. This payment will be in addition to:

•          the required notice period (as per the Agreement or as specified in the staff member’s contract of employment) or payment in lieu; and

•          pro rata long service leave entitlements for staff with five (5) years or more service.


Misconduct and Serious Misconduct

The University is proposing to streamline and simplify procedures for misconduct and serious misconduct in the new Agreement.

While these provisions are rarely used, it is important that the University be able to deal with alleged instances of misconduct or serious misconduct in a way that both protects the rights of the staff member, particularly with respect to due process and a fair hearing of the allegations, the staff member’s response and any extenuating circumstances; and allows the University to resolve issues of misconduct and serious misconduct in a timely and efficient way.


How you can be involved

We welcome your input and feedback. There are two ways you can get in touch with us and learn more:

•          Make comments, ask questions and provide feedback to the Enterprise Agreement team via

•          Visit the University’s enterprise bargaining webpage for further information and updates at

We encourage anyone with an interest in bargaining to provide feedback on the University’s proposals and draft clauses.

Your feedback will be used to shape our approach to concluding an Agreement that meets the needs of our staff as well as positioning the University for continued success.


The UQ Bargaining Team

Professor Aidan Byrne, Bill Kernahan, Anthony Lennon and Ann-Maree Waugh