47.1     This clause does not apply to arrangements relating to academic staff.

Where a relevant senior manager decides that there is a possible need for outsourcing on an ongoing basis, work that is currently being performed by University staff, and where a decision to outsource work may result in job loss, the University will consult with affected staff and their Representatives in accordance with clause 46.

47.2     As part of the consultation process, the University will use its best endeavours to negotiate employment arrangements with:

(a)       The affected staff and their Representatives; and

(b)       The outsourcing provider with a view to assisting affected staff to move to, or have the option of employment with, the outsourcing provider. Nothing herein however prejudices the outsourcing provider's rights to determine conditions of employment.

47.3     Nothing in this clause limits the right of the University to hold discussions with potential providers of outsourcing services or arrangements.