Leaders initiate and lead change and improvement agendas, modelling behaviour which embraces innovation
and change

This could be exemplified by a leader who:

  • Initiates change by proactively and systematically reviewing systems, behaviours, policies, procedures and compliance
  • Clearly and consistently articulates the reasons for and benefits of change, to motivate and engage
  • Drives implementation of change processes, managing and balancing both the structural and people aspects
  • Personally models change behaviour by actively championing and embracing change

Why is this capability important?

Change is a healthy part of a University's growth and it enables us to meet the emerging needs of our students, employees and community. The University of Queensland is committed to creating a culture that encapsulates our values and that is responsive to constructive organisational change.

What does it look like when it's done well?

  • Leaders look for and initiate improvements and personally embrace change in a positive way
  • Information about proposed changes is shared in a timely manner and the reasons for proposed changes are communicated effectively
  • Leaders support people through change, addressing their concerns and involving them in decisions that affect them

Strategies for developing this capability

Resources and readings

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